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By Caronae

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What is TRUSTKYC ?

TRUSTKYC is a comprehensive solution that enables reliable and automated identity verification.
We take pride in helping companies and governments better serve people while reducing risks
of data loss and fraud.


AcquisitionScan on the Go,

By using the Mobile SDK of TRUSTKYC, clients can easily scan their IDs through your mobile app within seconds. Our Mobile SDK automatically detects the ID, takes the best picture and enhances it for the most accurate reading results every time.

A faster and more convenient
Desk Experience,

Our PULSE01 Desktop scanner replaces manual inputs, your copy machine and printer. Agents can seamlessly scan IDs in a heartbeat. The entire scan takes 02 seconds and produces high resolution images ready for data extraction and storage.

Self-Care made easy,

The PULSE01 Kiosk scanner can be integrated in any Windows based interactive kiosk to enable realtime ID scanning for your on boarding processes.